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Well Warrior Coaching and all of my programs focus on deep mindset shifts, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, low-self worth, perfectionism, fear masked in anxiety & changing your relationship for over-training, rigid routines and strict dieting.

We'll talk all things relative to holistic health and nutrition, wellbeing in all areas of your life, personal development, importance of recovery and optimal training routines whether your goals are for everyday life or performance.

hi I'm anna, your coach! 
i created 'well warrior' to unite together wellbeing and a warrior. yin to the yang. balance to the hussle. recovery to the performance. warrior spirit with a kind heart. because they can, and should co-excist.



travel around the world while creating positive impact though my mission.

number 1 thing on my bucket list is

sleep hands down! I also love a good sauna and stretching. 

favorite recovery hack

i must say movement and martial arts = my zen

what I could not live without?

strong/black + a drop of coconut oil.

how i drink my coffee

how about a quick rundown?

fun facts

My free 5 step guide to help you climb out of the fatigue zone and claim back your edge.

From over tired to energy in  5 steps

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I'm dedicated to sharing my story and showing you how the last 10 years I went from my rock bottom moments, depression, anxiety, over training, total burnout, obsessive behaviors, complex health issues, and my out of control type-1 diabetes. continuing my athlete career and business as a healthy, high-vibe, optimally training/recovering, more balanced and happy me. Healing my body through functional medicine and holistic approach to health has been a major key, but the biggest, deepest transformation has come through that daily work on myself. Because...

my story

it has been quite a ride and long time coming to launching well warrior in to the world.
From my lowest lows i found the reason what i am here for. i hope by sharing my story you can step in to yours. and by doing that everything will begin to transform.

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